• Win tickets to see Benjamin Olson

    Win tickets to see Benjamin Olson

    February 5, 2016, 8 pm, Backstage at the Meyer Green Bay native singer/songwriter Benjamin Olson crosses genres between rock, folk, blues and soul, bringing them all together with songs that will tug on your heart […]

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    Mavis Staples Concert

    It’s no wonder that the Chicago Tribune calls Mavis Staples an “American treasure.” For six decades, Staples has been a solid rock of American music, from the delta-inflected gospel sound she helped create in the […]


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Listener Feedback

Stumbled upon this station a few weeks ago and have not listened to anything else since.
When I tell my friends about it and they ask what type of music the station plays, I reply:
"Music from artists you know, Songs that you should know from albums, and songs that bring you back to the way the music experience used to be on the radio during its time".

It seems that just when I think I've heard the best...another song comes on to top it.
All I can say is "SWEET".

Bob OConnell   Brillion, Wisconsin

A friend of mine turned on to your station and I'm enjoying it so much I'll be buying him dinner! It's too bad I can only get your station on the web,there aren't any stations that can compete with your station in the Providence and Boston area

Gil Leclerc   Woonsocket RI

I love the Avenue. The music is very diverse with minimal commercials. It has music for all ages and Genre’s. It's hard to pick my favorite artist but from my era the Beatles and The Lumineers, go figure. Rock on!!

Mary Van Egeren   Luxemburg, WI

I love the Avenue. The music is very diverse with minimal commercials. It has music for all ages and Genre’s. It's hard to pick my favorite artist but from my era the Beatles and The Lumineers, go figure. Rock on!!

Mary Van Egeren   Luxemburg, WI

Thanks for being the best radio station in the world. Very entertaining radio. The right mix of music. Always on throughout the house and yard when needed.

Michael J. Andrade   Woonsocket, R.I.

You have brought me back to music that used to make me feel good and now it's making me feel good all over again, plus more. Kudos for your exquisite blend of genres; it's like having a smorgasbord of music and never getting full.

Susan Koller   Appleton, WI

We found your station by accident while searching for something enjoyable to listen to. We heard Janet's voice and stayed tuned ;we know her through John Harmon...she's added much joy to our First Presby jazz services in Winneconne. We'll stay tuned in as long as you're there to tune in to!! Thank you for the great music and the great community service.

Rich and Peggy Balfanz   Butte des Morts

I was on my way home from Green Bay today listening to Janet Planet and Rob Moore discussing Janet's recent trip to New York. It got me to reminiscing about a great time in my life. I was just out of school and working at a local hi fi store(which still exists) and two local bands were launching albums. One of the bands was Matrix, featuring John Harmon and the other was Lifetime with vocals by none other than Janet Planet. I purchased two copies of the Lifetime album, one for use at the store and the other to keep at home. I know I wore out my copy at the store; I used it so often in demonstrating how to listen for good loudspeakers and quality electronics. Janet's voice is an awesome instrument and helped people understand what pure music should sound like. I've had numerous opportunities to hear her perform and am continuously amazed at the sound, purity and passion she puts into her performances. I just contributed $10 a month to help keep the coolest station in the GALAXY share the music. I went through my vinyl collection and guess what I found-the original Lifetime album in near perfect condition. It would be awesome to get that autographed along with the new CD!!

Kevin Kaufman   Appleton, WI

You do it right...over and over again...!

Tim Snider   Menasha, WI

The Avenue 91.1 got this great approach to entertain its listeners and keep them hooked: I guess it's their carefully combined music and the sequence - it's simply magical! Good Job Avenue 91.1 Team, please keep it up.

Abdelatif Hegazy   Dubai

I relax and kick back with this station. I adore it, it puts me in a better place.

Kari Mae Gibson   Appleton, WI

I love your station and listen to it every time my husband and I drive up to visit our families in the Valley. We can get reception starting at the wind farm on Hwy 41 and it's always disappointing when we get to that point on the way home and we have to turn you off. I don't suppose you want to start a station in the Milwaukee area?! :) It seems we've even lost our jazz station now. You are great. Keep up the good work.

Cindy Sanders   Menomonee Falls

I had a friend tell me about the Avenue and I love it! I've enlightened many more friends about it as well. My favorites are rotated nicely...a little jazz, a little swing, a little blues and a whole lotta cool. Love it!

MJ Knox   Green Bay, WI

Not since I lived in Detroit have I heard such a Cool station. Keep up the great work!

Thomas M. Burgess   Menasha, WI

What a fabulous radio station! How gratifying it is to be able to hear true, tasteful music by top artists. Keep up the great work!! And thanks for supporting all us local artists too! Bravo and congrats!!

Robert Levy   Greenville, WI

What a fabulous radio station! How gratifying it is to be able to hear true, tasteful music by top artists. Keep up the great work!! And thanks for supporting all us local artists too! Bravo and congrats!!

Robert Levy   Greenville, WI

I'm hearing the more obscure songs from my college days, it is unbelievable. Jackson Browne, JJ Cale, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt .....stations back then, didn't even play that stuff. You had to buy the vinyl, which I did. I Listen at work, in the car, my husband has Satellite radio, and I used to be jealous, not any more, I also used to live in big metropolitan areas, Chicago, Minneapolis and Denver, they never had stations as good as this.

Julie Wolk   Oshkosh, WI

Great programming! Listen at home all the time and am so glad to be able to tune in at work!

Alice Konkel   Milwaukee, WI

Love, love, love, the programming!- I've been a public radio listener for years; you now have superseded as my favorite station.

Brian Kemp   Neenah, WI

Your station has taken over my radio. Dinner music, hot tub music, kayaking music, watch the stars music and more! Thank you.

Thomas Belter   Oshkosh, WI

I have really enjoyed listening to The Avenue both at work and in the car. Thank you so much for great music with few interruptions.

Carol Bloemer   Appleton, WI

A very good mix of the jazz format. Love it and look forward to tuning in this station when traveling from Caledonia, WI to my summer home on Lake Winnebago near Pipe, WI. It is the best station of its kind I have ever heard .

Dawn Lusha   Malone, WI

This is the best radio station. What a great change from the usual stuff. I can't wait for you to increase delivery area. Thanks!

Laura Mueller   New London, WI

Just started listening and this is where I'll be. Great music; nicely put together.

Bob   Jupiter, FL

I am so glad you are here. I haven't listened to the radio for so long because there was nothing to listen to. You have woken me up. Thank you!

Jill Smith   Appleton, WI

The other day you played 3 album cuts that I never thought I would hear on the public airwaves-Steely Dan's Fire in the Hole(repleat with sneaky Pete's steel guitar)a short time later I heard Del Amitris Tell her (if you don't you should listen to these guys you should)and lastly Ricki Lee Jones doing lucky guy -(Steve Gadd on the tubs) really fine stuff please don't go away-I'm waiting-T (for more great semi-obscure music)

T. Mirenda   Appleton, WI

Finally! A station that consistently plays great music. A welcome change from the monotonous pop, rock, and easy listening stations that flood the radio dial. I wish your station timeless success in our area.

Jason Dreier   Green Bay, WI

I love, love, love, that you are playing obscure Dylan right now, keep it up! How about some more Van Morrison?

Michelle   Green Bay, WI

Just found your station about a month ago and have been listening ever since! We are glad we found you!!!

Larry Stelow   Neenah, WI

This place has it all - old timers like Frankie, Dean, Ella, and Satchmo, and the new kids on the block Nora, Buble'.. and have you heard Janet Planet's "Gary, Indiana?" Way cool! Why go anywhere else!

Lori Sill   Oshkosh, WI

Glad I found you. My new favorite station.

Blaine   Green Bay, WI

Moved here from Chicago in 2005 ,we had smooth jazz. Your station is great, you play all the smooth tunes, thank you!

R. W. Brown   Appleton, WI

Sweet, sweet jazz... Fabulous.

Pete Marcks   Hortonville, WI

What a refreshing genre of music, changing on a daily basis. Never tired of the selections played, while developing a new found interest with artists that were popular "back in the day". Keep it up Avenue, for you have another loyal listener whose radio dial will not budge from 91.1.

Chris M   Appleton, WI

My new favorite Fox Cities music radio station. Love the unexpected mix that crosses genres yet rarely fails to please. Van Morrison was the hook - now I tune in daily to see what else is in store on The Avenue. I can actually do without my iPod wherever I go now! It's about time someone started up a station like this. Keep the great tunes coming!

Jean Detjen   Appleton, WI

Great station, I listen all the time. Finally, something different and new!

Dan Sigl   Seymour, WI

Thanks to the Timeless Cool of The Avenue, mowing the lawn tonight was an unusually enjoyable experience. Whether it was Annie Lennox "Waiting in Vain" or a Jackson Browne song I haven't heard before, but know I want to hear again, your programming continues to amaze me.

Dave   Appleton, WI

While traveling on business in Fox Cities area, I became increasingly frustrated searching the dial for something beyond the banal. I then came to a fork in the road, heard the sweet sounds of engagement, and the choice was made. The road taken was The Avenue...what a journey. I now listen online in Indy. The Avenue can be summed up in one word...at a time; cool, hip, smooth, retro, edgy, contemporary, respectful, reverant, timeless, fun, playful, swinging, new, classic, renaissance, funky, relevant, tasty, pleasing, surprising, comfortable, supple, nurturing, undescribable, etc., etc.

Dan Barton   Indianapolis

Usually when I am flipping through the radio stations looking for that "perfect" song to match my mood and melt the stresses of the day, I end up landing on your radio station with a catch in my breath. I am continually surprised by the variety you play and I find myself changing the station less and less. Thank you!

Maureen Armstrong   Green Bay, WI

I am a big fan and it is truly great to have this station to listen to at work and on my way home. It helps me relax and kick back with class!

Veronica   Appleton, WI

Just when I was moving from Appleton to Wausau, Appleton got a radio station I would actually listen to...I love your station and the coupons and all of it.... Thanks for finding those of us who like easy listening music...variety.

Joan Clark   Wausau, WI

We love that you are a "Community Partner" station, helping both non-profits and "for profits" make a difference here in the Valley. Keep up the great work and the superb listening selection.

Sue Bogenschutz   Appleton, WI

After reading through the testimonials, I too agree, this is a great radio station! I listen to it when I am hanging around our home. Great background music, very soothing and relaxing. I too will gladly support your sponsors! Keep up the good work! *

Ed McCullin   Appleton, WI

God, I love all of the music that you play!!! I suggested 91.1 F.M. to all my area friends! Thank You, Thank You!

Bernie Ver Haagh   Appleton, WI

I was in Appleton last week to visit my mom and just happened to catch The Avenue while spinning through the dial. Once I found you, the dial never moved. This is a wonderful radio format which beats anything I find in my adopted hometown of Denver. Luckily, I can listen online. Great stuff. Keep up the excellent job!

Rick Schoenfeld   Castle Rock, CO

When first I heard the Avenue, I thought my brother had some homemade mix in his CD player, when I realized it was actually the radio I was blown away. Absolutely straight up the best programming format in my listening area. Great sounds for alone time or for getting the party started. "Ear Candy" from the Avenue - how sweet it is!

Laura Erickson   Appleton, WI

What an amazing collection of artists played on The Avenue! You have the best programming I've heard on the radio, including anything on satellite radio.

Tim Mattson   Green Bay, WI

The last time I heard Joan Armatrading on the radio was when I played her albums myself over 20 years ago in college. What a joy to hear her again!

Elizabeth Keggi   Appleton, WI

Wow - honest to God Jazz! Keep it up

Kay Allen   Green Bay, WI

I love your radio station! The mix of artists, eras and musical destinations is genius! I have an I-Pod full of my favorite artists, covering a wide range of music types. I used to have it playing all the time at work. I haven't even taken it out of the drawer since I found The Avenue. Keep it up! I'm spreading the word - just keep playing your ever evolving brand of music.

Bob Corning   Appleton, WI

A much needed alternative to sports, top 40 etc in this city......Thank you!

Dave Aregoni   Green Bay, WI

I like waking up to music rather than an alarm clock in the morning. Many stations have talking in the morning but The Avenue has living, breathing music. I found it one night when setting my clock for the next day. When I heard the mellow, rich, lyrical sounds of the selected songs, and the fact that there is mostly music with minimal talking in between, I knew I had found my "wake-up" station. Now I also listen to it when I'm in the car. I've learned a lot of great new songs this way to share in my own gigs.

Dorothy Zerbe

Finally an adult radio station in the area that isn't Heavy Metal, Country or screaming announcers! Appreciate the classy play list. Keep it coming!

Neil   Appleton, WI

I've been an avid listener since you started up, and I didn't think it could get any better than it was. But I am so happy that you've added more R&B artists like Luther Vandross and Anita Baker. I've also loved hearing more Michael McDonald, whose voice is definitely timeless. Then to catch artists like Bryan Ferry thrown in the mix? Seriously: Radio nirvana.

Julie Miller   Appleton, WI

I was told about your station through a friend. I tuned it in on FM dial. I kept on hearing about the web address. Did a search, found a station with so many artists. I am happy to hear a station smooth jazz that has a directive. -GOOD SOUNDS-

Michael Waite   Oshkosh, WI

I stumbled upon your station after receiving a home stereo for Christmas. My husband and I are now both frequent listeners. We love the variety of artists and lack of chatter.

Susan Hougland   Green Bay, WI

I've been hoping for a station like 91.1 for sometime now. There was a Jazz station in the Valley just a few years back. They didn't last long though, probably because of too few listeners, among other reasons. I've enjoyed the live Jazz in the Valley over the years. Spats, the Chapel, and many other venues in the area. I used to follow Janet Planet, always have loved her stuff.

Jerry Unmuth   Appleton, WI

It's such a pleasure to find a radio station that plays subtle, cool music. I also appreciate that the commercials are voiced, and not shouted with loud electronic backgrounds. I gladly purchased certificates from your commercial sponsors.

Diana Mann   Appleton, WI

You guys play the best music...I'm so happy that the valley has this station! Thanks for the timeless cool!

Valerie Waters   Appleton, WI

I've been waiting for years for a truly diverse jazz station like yours to come to the valley. Glad you are here, I love your format and music. Hope you're around a long time.

Jeff Lamers   Appleton, WI

Blossom Dearie always brings a smile to my face! I'm glad I can listen to your station and look forward to the smile! It's so great to hear classic music on the radio in my car! Makes me feel like I should be on a VW commercial, grooving to "The Avenue"!

Lee Rydzewski   Green Bay, WI

I was traveling through the valley earlier this week and happened on your station. It's excellent! Refreshing, a great mix of music. Bravo!

Carol Mooney   Eau Claire, WI

I was passing through the dial to find something that clicked for me and I stumbled across 91.1 the Avenue. I have quickly become a fan, in my car, at the office streaming, and at home. Finally radio that fits me! Keep on keeping it cool!

J.A. Morgan   Kimberly, WI

Just discovered your station yesterday during the way too long commute. Great tunes! Making the ride a little smoother...You guys are alright!

John Cecco   Green Bay, WI

I almost gave up on radio. Then I listened to your radio station. Great Job!

Owen Birr   Kaukauna, WI

Your station plays a great selection of great songs!

Joe Niesz   Kaukauna, WI

Just what the valley needs! Thanks for the great music.

Chris Reynolds   Appleton, WI

Found your station through a Twitter search for Erin Bode, now listen on WunderRadio on my iPhone. Great playlist - any station that plays Erin Bode, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt and Sade in the same weekend works for me.

Cliff Barnes   Memphis, Tennessee

My radio is always tuned to The Ave. It's the only station I listen to.

Jim Lange   Neenah, WI

This native New Yorker is so thrilled to have stumbled onto your station. All my radios are tuned to you. Dinner time wouldn't feel right without your music. Neither would my drive home.

Carol Rivera   Green Bay, WI

What a great unique radio station - nothing else like it around here. Although not typically the kind of music I've been accustomed to, I found myself returning to 91.1 often to find out what's playing. Now I have 91.1 on a preset button. I feel like I'm getting an education in good music whenever I tune in.

Jason Molter   Appleton, WI

Moved here from Chicago, and the music is wonderful, thank you..

R.W. Brown   Appleton, WI

I moved from Menasha to Western Wisconsin last fall. There's nothing as cool as The Avenue on the airwaves here. Thank God for the internet live feed that I just discovered. I can't wait to return to the Valley this fall.

Tim Snider   New Richmond, WI

I just love having the Avenue to listen to on my way to and from work. I have a stressful job and the genres of music they play help me shift gears and feel "human" again! I love the fact that there aren't a multitude of obnoxious commercials dominating the content. The few PSA's they do air are for worthwhile organizations that I support. THANK YOU for creating a station I enjoy so whole-heartedly!

Miki Wise   Chilton, WI

I found your signal by mistake since I was looking for something different. I drive a semi truck from Waukesha to De Pere twice at night, so I'm able to listen "The Avenue" from Fond du Lac all the way north and back. I enjoy very much the format, but I would love to hear more artists.

J Francisco Rojas   Waukesha, WI

I just discovered 91.1 on my way home to Milwaukee last night from Green Bay and was bummed when the signal started to fade around Oshkosh. But I checked it out on-line as soon as I got home ~ what a great mix! I LOVE The Avenue 91!

Kitty Hill   Milwaukee, WI

I have to say THANK YOU! I love the music your playing. I listen to it while I'm learning or relaxing! I can hear it only from the internet. Have a nice day everybody!

Marc Pfeifer   Berlin, Germany

Thank you! Your station has the best format EVER! It's great in the car, at work, at home while working my home business, while cooking or entertaining! It is the perfect station for family get together - it appeals to all generations. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!

Jennifer Stelter   Appleton, WI

The format is fresh, definitely not standard commercial radio fare. I listen for the variety, to get exposure to music I wouldn't normally hear. I love jazz, blues, folk, non-commercial alternative music and all of it can be heard on the Avenue 91.1. There isn't another station in Wisconsin that covers this kind of musical ground from one song to the next. This station is a gem!

Joel Taylor   Appleton, WI


Lee Smith   Appleton, WI

Everything we hear on The Avenue is music we haven't heard in a long time. It's a wonderful mix of genres, and we enjoy it daily.

Jane & Dan Kramer   Greenville, WI

What a great change of pace! I have actually cancelled my satellite radio subscription because I no longer need it! Thanks Avenue!

Jeremy   Darboy

An excellent and refreshing change from traditional radio station music. It's my #1 station in my car and I listen online while working.

Laurie Young   Appleton, WI

My wife and I have been listening ever since the format started, and we love it. When we have people over or in the car we are always asked what we are listening too. Our circle of friends are now all listeners. We love this style of music and I have always created my own mix to listen too especially when gathered with friends. I don't have to do that anymore. We have a great mix weather in the car, on our pontoon, or at home. THANKS!.

Gerry Timper   Appleton, WI

Just happened on your station, what a great surprise....wonderful music, and artists I haven't heard in years, like Michael Franks, Bobby Caldwell, and many more, truly enjoyable and thanks....!!~

Mar Stockinger   Buchanon

It's a great station that I discovered while driving from Coloma to Green Bay. As there is bad to no reception west of Omro (and none when in Canada), I mostly listen to The Avenue online.

Barb Schweger   Coloma, WI

Finally, a radio station with class. I've always had to search the internet for radio stations with quality music and now I have access to great music here in my own back yard. Always a pleasure listening to the Avenue when I'm in the Fox Valley area. Keep up the good work and I look forward to listening to music that fits my mood, no matter what mood I'm in =0)

Anthony   BD

FINALLY!! A radio station the Valley can be proud of! Keep up the good work!

Judy Ryan   Menasha, WI

I listen to your station in my car on the way to and from work (45 minutes). I was so happy to discover your station on the internet and now I listen to your station at the office. Great variety of music!

Carol Alein   Cecil, WI

While traveling, I stumbled across 91.1 while trying to find a public radio station on the car radio. Having lived near the Valley for two years now, I was stunned that these classic, soulful tunes had never caught my ear before. As soon as I returned to Waushara County, I emailed The Avenue's link to almost everyone I know. I have to listen online as well due to poor reception out here, but I LOVE the station!

Joanne Curry   Wautoma, WI

I found your station while visiting friends in Menasha. I love it. Glad you are streaming so I can listen on line way up north. I have sent info on your station to our local public radio station 91.7 out of Rhinelander. Your mix is fabulous! Hope they contact you. We need an update on our afternoon programming. I am a long time listener and contributor to public radio. Thanks for a GREAT station.

Cheryl Bowen   Manitowish Water, WI

Love your station, Totally stops my Road rage!

Craig M. Wauters   Ashwaubenon

LOVE the format! When I can walk into work singing "What Is Hip" it makes a 12 hour shift feel like 11.

Neil D Verwey   Oshkosh, WI

I enjoy listening to your station. It is a good mixture of music.

Janelle Bonson   Appleton, WI

Our 17 year old son does wonderful drawings; from a young age while drawing he has always listened to the Rat Pack or such; music has always seemed to get his artistic juices flowing. One day when passing by our home office I overheard our son listening to Michael Buble (a favorite in our family) I asked if he had recently purchased a CD or purchased some music from the internet? He noted that no, he just found this station on the radio and had been listening to it for quite a while. That was last November and I have been listening since; just a great mix of music!

Tom Beran   Sherwood

During early 2009, on a Friday the 13th, I met an old boyfriend of mine from 1974. We talked the night away. Although he is married, we talked almost every day, catching up on our lives, our families and our interests. About mid summer, we were sharing secrets. One day he called me and said, “I have a secret to tell you. Turn your radio to FM 91.1”. It was a match made in heaven: a radio station I fell in love with. Not just timeless cool but romantic as well. I feel like I’ve gained a new friend in more ways than one.

Pauline   Shawano

What a classy station. I just began listening to 91.1, and now I have it on all of the time. Steve March-Torme' is a great addition. I would love to hear more of his singing. "Night At the Zoo" is one of my favorites.

Nancy Brooks   Berlin

I have lived in Green Bay all my life and I have never been able to be completely happy with any of the stations here. The jazz stations were more like easy listening and was something my Grandparent should have been listening to. Urban stations are okay but not enough variety, you hear the same thing over,and over, and.... Then it happened - perfection arrived and now I can enjoy timeless cool! Thank you so very much for coming to my hometown, baby it's been a long time coming!!!!

Rebekah Mungo   Green Bay, WI

While driving to De Pere last weekend for our family Christmas I found you on radio and didn't change the dial all weekend. Now I listen via the computer....great selection of tunes.

Jim Greenya   DeForest

I happened on the station in the car while looking for good music. Don't remember what was on then, something caught my ear, now I have all of my radios tuned to The Avenue. Great stuff, great play lists, not too many commercials, Mr. Torme' (Mel's Son I understand) does a great job. I am loving the station.

Michael Northway   Kimberly, WI

Since August 2009 I've been working in the Green Bay area while continuing to live in Kohler. I've been passing the time traveling to and from work listening to different radio stations...and recently stumbled upon The Avenue. The musical selection is by far different and for the most part unheard over the air waves, but it's so refreshing. I wish the signal was stronger or it covered other parts of the state on different frequencies (hint: cover the lakefront). Thank goodness it's on the Internet so I can enjoy Timeless Cool anytime I want at home! Keep up the good work!

Kenneth Tarr   Kohler, WI

I live in Milwaukee and travel in your listening area for business. I LOVE this station. I am really sad when I get within about 35 miles of Milwaukee and lose the signal. I wish Milwaukee had a station with this type of programming....such a great mix. It satisfies my eclectic taste in music. Your "tagline" says it all and so well....."easy to listen to without being easy listening". So glad I can listen online. Thanks for making me smile!

Joan Zellner   Milwaukee, WI

What a refreshing alternative to the rest of what's out there in radio! I discovered a whole new genre of music that I didn't realize I liked. We do ourselves a disservice not to be open to all kinds of music and your station reminds us all of that daily. I thank you.

Lisa Rudolph   Oshkosh, WI

Since we were first introduced to your station we fell in love with it. After a hard day of work it is nice to slow down and relax to some great music. Thank you.

Michael Schnell   Neenah, WI

Love the station. I like to sleep with the radio playing and wake up during the night to my favorite songs Very relaxing and calming. Can't say enough, it's by far my favorite radio ever.

Kate Catrine   Kaukauna, WI

I listen to 91.1 all the time now. What a great mix of new & old. Would like to hear more of who the artists are, have to admit I don't recognize a lot of them. Also what I think timeless cool is: (when I go to Las Vegas and see a street named Mel Torme'. ) Thanks, KC

Kevin J. Coleman   Combined Locks

Thank you so much!!! When the smooth jazz station 104.7 went down I was so upset, because I discovered many artists there. I like The Avenue's blend even more, it's much more widespread (between new & old and different styles)! Haven't heard Sade yet (granted I heard Sweet back, band members of Sade), but maybe, just maybe as they're coming out with new music soon...

James Merten   Oshkosh, WI

I just canceled my XM Radio subscription, it is not needed now that I have discovered what I have been looking for!

Dean Charlier   Wrightstown

This station is so enjoyable to listen to and I do so at work, at home, and in my car. I love it that I don't know what song I will hear next. Perhaps it will be an old favorite, or better yet, a song or artist entirely new to me. One evening I heard Ben Folds Five and John Coltrane in the same fifteen minutes or so, and I knew I was hooked!

Colleen Carey   Oshkosh, WI

Proper tunes on the radio at last - recognize so many of my old LP's. Yet to hear any John Martyn - the whole of Solid Air or One World would be perfect!

David Powling   Combined Locks

What can I say that hasn't already been said below, this station is exactly what this world needed. Sometimes I feel I missed out on an era of cool music and you guys brought it back and showed that new artist still believe in good music. Thank you!

Adrian Roskom   Green Bay, WI

Finally something new under the sun! The older and newer artists blend together seamlessly, I do a lot of local traveling and the reception is far reaching. I especially like how you are starting to identify some of the artists and their music I thought I knew them all, but there are a lot of great newer singers, It's great to know who they are, Thank you so much!

Mike Bennett   Oshkosh, WI

I couldn't believe that you had Bryan Ferry on yesterday morning. Merry Christmas to me!!

Kerry Evans   Neenah, WI

The first time I heard Tom Waits on your radio station I thought I must be dreaming - it was just too good to be true! Keep up the good work and I'll keep mentioning you to all of my friends!

Susie Brautigam   Neenah, WI

Just listened to Diana Krall - Narrow Daylight - excellent!!! Also appreciate all the Steely Dan you can find.

Dave Thurow   Neenah, WI

91.1 has a permanent place on my dial! Love the laid back sounds and mellow tunes. Was my lucky day when I came across this station! What a selection of cool.

Tom LeMense   Ashwaubenon

You cannot believe how therapeutic The Avenue is on my ride home from work. Thanks so much.

Al Paal   Green Bay, WI

Classy, funky, fun, I Love this station! I tell all my friends about it (most have already found it on their own) We listen to it in the office all day and it's the only station I have programmed in my car. Keep up the great tunes!

Melina Smith-Swoboda   Kaukauna, WI

I love the Avenue for it's great selection of timeless jazz and wonderful Christmas music. I know that I can have the Avenue on during any holiday party and treat my guests to a great play list! Thanks for being so Cool!

Andrew Sell   Omro

I have been lost in a musical desert for the past 5 years. I have been searching for notes, voices, rhythm that is authentic, and diverse, and I've been unsuccessful. What I have found in abundance is the usual nauseating ubiquitous whining and ever chanting sounds a program producer has to re play over and over again to can sell coffee, jewelry or furnace repair. To my joyous surprise I was idly, flipping through the stations out of habit rather than hope, and like the lone desperate traveler in search of sustenance, I found the avenue. Timeless cool I suppose is an oasis where one can travel out of the mundane world of "Classic Rock" and visit Spain with Miles Davis, enjoy a dreamy white Christmas with Blue Eyes, toe tap to Etta's "Always" in a smoky jazz club, a ride the rails with Tom Waits. The Avenue was an early Christmas present that I will appreciate all year, thanks

Katy Keefe Neilson   Appleton, WI

I started listening to your station when you had the split format of the Avenue by day and the Lounge by night, I thought it was unique to this area and enjoyed the change (I am basically a Smooth Jazz person). Then you evolved to the current mix with the smooth jazz, swing, and blues, etc., as you say "easy to listen to" and I find myself listening to you almost exclusively! You have introduced me to a number of new and interesting artists. Among them: Lavay Smith, Madeleine Peyroux, Danny Lanois, Marcia Ball, Kenny Rankin along with so many familiar names. Keep up the good work! I'll be listening...

Gary Wrinkler   New Holstein

When the XM radio died in my car I had WPR and nothing else until I found you. How great to have a variety of great music and artists to listen to, not just the same thing over and over. I really like the mix of new and old.

Shelly Nulton   Appleton, WI

What is the Avenue? It's something you can't describe. You can't quite define it. It's a feeling. A good feeling. A cool feeling. It's "Timeless Cool."

James Hodges   West Bend

timeless cool is the smell of Cuban cigars at the dog-track in hieliegha-the sunset in the Florida keys-realizing that i may be the only person on earth that enjoys the smell of cigar smoke-and of course 91.1-the ave!!!

Anthony Mirenda   Appleton, WI

Love the song selection, lack of commercials, and community announcements. Keep up the great work.

Robert   Appleton, WI

I listen to your station and WPR exclusively. It was while searching on that end of the dial that I discovered The Avenue just a short time ago. What a find! I've been enjoying artists I never knew before and old favorites like BB King, Booker T, and Billie Holiday. I introduced 91.1 to my boss who had just installed a radio in the restaurant he runs on College Avenue and now we listen to you at work every day. Even the younger employees like the wide range of music and are surprised to hear current stuff they know played alongside oldies they are not as familiar with. Thank you for a breath of fresh air.

Claire Huolihan

I was in the Appleton area looking for a radio station when I happened to come across your station.Let me tell you I was very happy that I did.Great music I wish Milwaukee had a station like this.


We have been listening to this station since your salesperson stopped by our office. Everyone has their own genre that they like, but we have all agreed on this station! The mix of artists is great, not a lot of repeating that you get with your average station. Great Job! We will be listening from now on! Michelle

Michelle Bohrtz   Appleton, WI

I listen to a lot of radio, especially during the day at work. While searching the dial for "something different" I recently discovered your station. What a great, very pleasant surprise! I love the variety, the blend and ... well - everything! Thanks for being there! You have a new convert and one who will tell others about a new, different music choice on the radio.

Bob Corning   Appleton, WI

I was visting family in Oshkosh and came across The Avenue and fell in love with it immediately. It is a breath of fresh air. Great music!!! Thanks!

Rick Miller   Jamestown, NY

I love the look. Tremendously inviting and "timelessly cool"

Joyce Nelson   Green Bay, WI

The Avenue is the station that we have on all the time. Having XM radio is no longer needed with the mix you play. Great station good to relax to and also a great "pick me up".

The Guthries   Brillion

My wife and I were turned on to the Avenue by her parents who live in the Appleton area. Every time we're back it's on in the car. Now we'll stream it through the computer every chance we get. What a great station.

Lance Saegar   Eagan, MN

Thank you Avenue 91.1 for making our concert at the Thrasher Opera House last night a complete success! Sold out! You were a huge part of the success! I'll see you soon. Love and Happiness, Janet Planet

Janet Planet   Oshkosh, WI

Because it evolved into a redundant marketing tool, I haven't listened to music radio for 25 years. Baby, I'm back.

Scott Stewart   Menasha, WI

Thank you! I have been traveling through the radio wasteland of the Fox for twenty years/tears.I was always at a loss for quality(non country) music.I am now looking forward to more trips to the great white north.I listen everyday on the web.

Arthur Chavez   Waukesha, WI

I found your station yesterday and kept it on all day. I am delighted with your format - I didn't hear any song repeated even once (much less every hour). It's like listening to one of my husband's great play lists - hours of interesting and non-repetitive music. I'm glad to find you!

Nancy Menn   Appleton, WI

What I love about this station is how you can just swtich off from the outside world and fall into a state of pure relaxation... jazz is freedom, jazz is expressive bringing a range of different emotions and the listener can paint pictures in the mind.

Ricardo Gazzini Jazz DJ/ Presenter   Bedford United Kingdom

I'm still so happy to have found this station - real jazz, real vocalists, with all of the standards I love. Great blues tunes too... It's by far the best station I've ever tuned into - just one tasty song after another! Keep up the great work.

Jeff Pagel   Green Bay, WI

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I love your station. It is so such a pleasure to find a radio station that plays music truly worth listening to. I was so bored with the other stations playing so called classic easy listening songs that should have been retired along time ago. Thanks for the great music! You have a loyal listener that tunes in everyday!

Doris Inghram   Cape Coral, FL

Best music on the air is now my favorite music station!!

William Job   Little Chute, WI

There's nothing like kicking back and relaxing to The Avenue. Thank you!

Tim Stutzman   Appleton, WI

I love this site! The music's great. I stumbled upon this site through Smashing Magazine.com featuring this site in its '40 Beautiful Dark Website Designs' article. I've always wanted to get in touch with my other side of such lovely timeless music but have no idea where to start. I'm on the face book fan page now and is sharing the link with my fb mates. I'll check back often. Keep it up! :)

Haley   Singapore

I love your station so much, I listen to it every morning. Gets me going in the morning, Thanks!

Andrea Ewald   Appleton, WI

I can't believe how diverse the format is for this station. All the music is wonderful and really cool. This is so much classier than the Easy Listening stations.

Kate Pagel   Green Bay, WI

Frankly, I was shocked to hear my all time favorite song on the radio. I absolutely love you guys. I have heard so many of my favorite artists on your station. I was wondering if your programmers have considered revisiting Anita Baker. Keep up the good work. Oh, and Steve March Torme's concert was loads of fun!

Kerry Evans   Neenah, WI

Absolutely LOVE your station. I like many kinds of music but when I found out about yours, I instantly tuned in and the dial has stayed there since then.

Carolyn Servais   Kaukauna, WI

Very nice, I'm liking what I hear so far.

Bill LaDue   Rochester, NY

I listen to The Avenue most every day for hours at a time. I love the timeless cool music! Keep it coming.

John Bubolz   Appleton, WI

Thank you so much for something refreshing and different. I discovered The Avenue when the only other appropriate radio station for our office was playing Christmas Music on November 1st! I love the variety.

Pam Welch

Love the variety of music. There is nothing else like it available in town. Perfect for the drive home after a long day at work.

Anu Varma   Menasha, WI

WOW!!!! Awesome music~ I'm glad I found you! I'll stay tuned in:)

Mary Luisier

I'm so excited about this station. Every day I hear something new that makes me want to learn more about this music. Example: I love Michael Buble's slick version of Feelin' Good, but the other night I heard the same song sung in a different, soulful style that gave me goosebumps. After doing some research, I found out it was sung by Nina Simone. I'm learning, I'm singing, and I'm loving The Avenue!

Jessica Leppanen   Neenah, WI

I was fortunate to have a father who played a lot of classical, jazz, blues and "rat Pack" when I was growing up so I came to appreciate an ecclectic rang of music. I think most of the music I listen to now reflects my dad's influence on me so I was VERY happy to discover your station!! It's like you've tapped into my CD collection! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! Keep up the great work!

Kris Troy   Appleton, WI

When I discovered your station, I was so excited to hear music I really enjoyed. From soft rock, to blues, to Jazz and swing, that the station is permanently tuned to 91.1. I so enjoy the re-mastered older songs as well. I have nothing but kudos for this great radio station.

Linda Lauper

This is the most listen-able and surprising radio I have heard in a long, long time - - who'd thought that in this day and age of podcast-specific specialization and mass media homogenization that an inventive group could come up with an 'artistic' approach toward music genre formatting - - listening is truly most enjoyable - - thanks!

Terry Yelmene   Madison, WI

Wow...has been a long time since anyone played this much good music on any radio station...enjoying it thouroughly...hope it lasts.

Frank Stilp   Neenah, WI

My son told me to give this station a try and that he had on his car radio for sometime now. I thought, what does he know about great music? He was right! Great station and very enjoyable to listen to. I guess he takes after his dad! Colin from Oshkosh

Colin Neilsen   Oshkosh, WI

I found this station by accident one day while tuning my radio and was instantly enthralled. I am a Senior in high school and can say I LOVE Jazz.

Spencer Watkins   Kimberly, WI

My daughter called recently to tell me about her new favorite radio station. She knew I would love it. The Avenue 91.1 is wonderful!

Jean Julius   Greenville, WI

Thanks so much for coming to the Valley, I really appreaciate the chance to get some jazz for a change. Please keep working on your library and playlist to expand it and keep from repeating. Would love to hear community jazz events calendar to help me know how I might find events to go to and possibly get hooked up to play. Thanks again....

Lori King   Neenah, WI

Love this - thank you!

Julie Desmond   Golden Valley, MN

What a great new station! Finally we have some "cool" music on the radio in Northeast Wisconsin. I love the variety, and have been telling everyone I know to tune in! I hope it stays around!

Stephanie   Green Bay, WI

When we travel thru the valley we love your station. Keep doing the good songs!

Barb Umnus

I am visiting family in Appleton and I stumbled upon The Avenue early one morning. The first thing I caught was B.B. King doing the classic "Since I met you Baby." B. is one of my favorites and "Since I met You Baby" has been a favorite, one I play myself, since I first heard the Sonny James version back in the late 50's. I never knew that B. had recorded it, what a treat. And that was followed by a wonderful Sinatra song that I had never heard before. In his autobiography B.B. writes that Sinatra was always one of his favorites, a nice tribute to two greats. The Avenue seems like a nice concept, serious music from serious musicians. I wish they had something comparable in San Diego.

Jon Isaacs   San Diego, CA

I found a treasure in your venue...sharing it with all I know..

Jill Bayard   Green Bay, WI

The 1st time I heard the ave the introduction for d-fagens new frontier came on and all i could think was Ive been waiting for years to hear this on the radio and now I do. the king of cool Chet Baker! Ella! TOM WAITS! Boz Skaggs! diana kroll! I have not changed my radio dial since I found the greatest radio station ever! Thanks!

Tony   Appleton, WI

Fun, entertaining and relaxing to hear this format again.

Bob Conroy   Corcoran

Thank you for taking the time to hear my accolades to you all and your station. You have one beautiful, unique station going here. As I mentioned, it has the sounds of the Cities 97 out of the Twin Cities, but more of the jazz and far less talk...I love the deeper cuts you play of Amos Lee, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Ray Charles and who doesn't love Grandpa Elliot from Playing for Change? I heard a rendition of You Are So Beautiful by Billy Preston, which I had never heard before. Music is my passion, and therefore I am so pleased to have found The Avenue @ 91.1. It is truly one of the best radio stations I have come across in the Fox Cities in 20 years! It rivals Cities 97! :-) An avid listener,

Nancy Garvey   Appleton, WI

Listening to good music changes my whole outlook. 91.1 is music therapy at its best !! Thank You!

Kathy   Darboy

I can't quite pull in the Avenue clearly over in Waupaca. BUT NOW that you have an internet stream, I can enjoy this great music all the time. Thanks for giving us a better choice for listening.

Dale Schroeder   Waupaca, WI


Sherrie   Shiocton

Glad I found 91.1. I had been searching for a long time for a good jazz station in the Appleton area. I have it on constantly at home, in my car while in broadcast range, and now will listen to it on the internet while out of the state. Kudos and best wishes for your continued success!

Pete Komlos   Appleton, WI

It is about time this format "gets it" in the Valley! We have waited for a very long time. Thanks to all involved, and now we listeners have to support the music!

Joe Verhagen   Sherwood

I cannot tell you how much I love your radio station, I tell everyone I can about it. It is now the only radio station I listen to in my house and in my car. I feel good about it with my children around me, not worried about what kinds of language or commercials or songs for that matter will come on and feel that they are learning an important lesson and appreciation for classic music/legends. From Frank to Tony to Michael B and Norah J, it is a mix that is so enjoyable for my entire family. I love it when my young sons are singing to Frank Sinatra! Thank you and keep up the great music!

Jennifer   Neenah, WI

Great format listen all day and in the car .

Kerwin Lichtenberg   Kimberly, WI

We love your radio station and listen to it all the time! Keep up the great work!

Deanna & Jim Brock   Neenah, WI

I was told about 91.1 by my eighty year old mother-in-law. I listen often enough that two of my grandchildren have became fans and they convinced their mother to listen.Hard to believe one station could capture four generations!

Rick VandenOever   Kaukauna, WI

I can not believe that a radio station like The Avenue exists in our market. A must listen for long periods of time! These artists would never get plays in this market without you! A heart felt thanks!!!

Rick Gorbette   Green Bay, WI

Love this station. Very good for work

Linda Hietpas   Green Bay, WI

This station provides a luscious antidote for the stresses and pressures of the day......

Elizabeth Read

Great Genre, keep up the good work!

R.C. Follett   Appleton, WI

The best thing to happen musically in the Fox Cities in years. Thank you and keep it swinging.

Jeff Van Brunt   Appleton, WI

Love the addition of the 'What's playing now' box.... You guys just keep getting better... Fantastic!

Jean   Oshkosh, WI

I was talking jazz with a co-worker at SCA Tissue one day about a month or so ago. We were talking about the lack of a jazz station in the Valley. After he left my work area, I dialed down the radio looking for something different to listen to and lo and behold, I came upon The Avenue. I couldn't believe my ears. After listening to 91.1 for about 10 or 15 minutes, just to make sure this was a jazz station and not a commercial, I called my co-worker and told him what I found. We both had a good chuckle as we just got done talking about jazz and jazz radio earlier. Welcome to the Valley, and the best part, I can pick up the Avenue in Green Bay! Again, thanks and don't ever change formats. We have way to many rock, country or talk radio stations in this area. Dare to be different!! Thanks again

Bob   Green Bay, WI

Absolutely the best station in the Fox Valley. I have been waiting for a station like this in the Valley for along time.

Bob Prestil   Menasha, WI

I LOVE THE AVENUE!!! I first heard it while at a hair salon and haven't stopped listening since. I was so happy to find it on the internet too as it's the perfect music (without all that darn chatter) to listen to at work. It keeps me mellow and yet has some meaning in the music too. As others have mentioned, it brings great relaxation in the car too and the music and lyrics actually tell nice stories and bring great memories alive! Thank you for all you do in bringing this to us. Keep up the good work and long live The Avenue!

Teresa   Appleton, WI

We have a second home in the Fond du Lac, WI area and discovered you when we were there over the past summer. I was so disappointed that I couldn't listen to you at home, when my daughter mentioned you were probably on the web! I was so excited to find you! My daughter is a student at the University of Minnesota and loves to listen to you while studying up in Minneapolis as well! Keep up this awesome work!

Terry Kivley   Whitefish Bay

I just heard Matt Bianco on the Avenue! I learned about that group from some Australian friends and rarely hear them played. Awesome!

Maureen   Appleton, WI

I was switching the channels on my radio at work and faintly heard the sound of big band music and immediately went back to tune it in. That was Wed. 9/30/09. This is when I discovered your station and immediately loved everything I was hearing. Thanks for coming together. Prayers go to your strength and you may stay on the air for 50 years or more. God Bless...

Kathryn Wheelock   Red Granite

What a breath of fresh air and finally a station that brings us the real deal. Music that means something. Music that has a story in both lyrics & Instrumental. Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! I have been producing theatre in and around the Fox Valley for 30 years and have worked hard to tell the story every time I perform or direct. It is so nice to have a radio station that shares in my passion. I look forward to watching you grow and getting involved as a Community Partner!

James Hart   Oshkosh, WI

Love the station and the variety of music. I normally listen to Smooth Jazz on XM radio, but they do not have a station like 91.1 that delivers such a nice mix of jazz, standards and alternative blues - I am loving it. Please stick around for awhile!

Bev Payne   Appleton, WI

This is about the only station I listen to anymore. And thanks for bringing back the internet radio streaming!

Alex Welch   Appleton, WI


Mark Klevesahl   Appleton, WI

Totally enjoy! Thanks!

Carl. Sterken   Menasha, WI

Great station. Listen all the time. Heard Paolo Nutini today. Glad to hear your expanding your styles.

Bill   Green Bay, WI

Thats really cool ! I am listening to your great radio-station from munich in germany. Thanks for streaming ! great music, cools sounds.

Thomas Clarenbach   Munich/Germany

My husband and I found your station while traveling from Madison to Manitowoc on Sunday, 9/27. We both were thrilled with your programming and said that it was the best 2 hours of songs, back to back to back that we had ever enjoyed! I am SOOOO happy that you are on the web. I am at my desk this Monday morning happily listening. Thank you so much!! You will be my daily listening choice for sure!

Dr. Penny Cook   Mr Pleasant, MI

We've lived in the Fox Cities for 10 years and we've never enjoyed any of the radio station choices available to us here... until The Avenue. Love the eclectic mix of artists you play... not a day goes by that we don't turn on your station to uplift our mood. Thank you!

Jeff & Julie Miller   Appleton, WI

We were just introduced to your station by a friend. What a fantastic find! This is by far the best music on radio. In fact, it is the only music station I listen to. I hope that can be rectified over time. Thank you, and keep up the good work!

Bill   Green Bay, WI

I have found a new radio station love...The Avenue!! My boyfriend introduced me to it a couple days ago and ever since I've been hooked. The music that comes on gets me in a state of mind to take each day as it comes and gives a relaxed feeling. And some songs are perfect for daydreaming! I love that it's mostly music and very little talk, so that my drive in the morning and at night from work can be accompanied by some of the best artists! Thank you!! :)

Holly Melander   Green Bay, WI

Thank you for a format that has some of the best music of our time! I have it on in the car, work and home!

Gene Draper   Appleton, WI

t's about time someone in NE Wisconsin started a station with music that is not your typical radio format. I love your diversity. The jazz, blues and alternative music that normally doesn't reach the airwaves. My hats off to you. I'm telling all my friends about this station.

Dave Levine   De Pere, WI

Great music, Great sound! Thank you.

Joe Niesz   Kaukauna, WI

I am on the outer edge of being within the sound of the voice of The Avenue at home so I always look forward to listening on my occasional trips to Appleton. I listen to all kinds of music, but there is just something essential about this music and raises the bar of intelligent listening options. Thank you!!!

Sabrina   Kiel, WI

My kids love hearing Mr. (Steve) March Torme on the radio...as do I!

Tara K.   Neenah, WI

So tired of talk radio. Finally, a radio station that plays great music! Too bad your signal isn't strong enough for us to enjoy the music while traveling through the entire state of Wisconsin. Can't wait for internet streaming.

Irene Lawler   Libertville, IL

I just moved back home to Wisconsin from Beverly Hills and am looking to get back into music and the Avenue gives me a chance to "rub-elbows" with a good "local" start....cool to be home, and an absolute pleasure finding such high quality song selections to offer up an even higher emotion in song.........

Loren T Wagner   Neenah, WI

Great station, especially big band. No need for presets on my radio, as your station is it for me.

Dan Fonstad   Appleton, WI

My wife and I were trolling the radio on our drive back to the Milwaukee area from an Up-North labor-day weekend when we found your station -- we were thrilled with the style and variety...No need to troll any further !!

Jeff Adair   Franklin

I was visiting friends in Neenah for Labor Day and they introduced me to your station. It's by far the most enjoyable programming I've heard in many years!!

Thomas Hewitt   Upper Falls, Maryland

Delighted with your station and all the wonderful music selections you offer. Just to hear some of the stars of jazz from past decades really makes my day. Thanks to everyone responsible for 91.1 FM

Geraldine S. Jay   Appleton, WI

Ever since I discovered this station, I just can't get enough! It is by far the very best station in the valley. Thank you for playing one great song after another. Finally a radio station with intelligence, class and the best music.

Cynthia Vander Wielen   Neenah, WI

While spinning the dial on a drive from Green Bay to Oshkosh, I came upon your station. What luck! I've been listening (almost) exclusively ever since! Thanks for the great variety.!

Gary Balris   Green Bay, WI

Something quite unique in broadcasting. All pop music has roots in the blues and we can hear real blues on the Avenue. We are tuned in all day.

Jerome M Koerner   Green Bay, WI

I am so glad that I found this radio station as I commute to work. I really have been enjoying your new format and selection of music. Keep up the great job!

Vonnie Riehle   Appleton, WI

Since I found this station I have a renewed interest in the radio. Thanks

Ken Johnson   Appleton, WI

What a breath of fresh air! I love swing music and such artists. Please keep doing what you're doing and don't change a thing!!

Charles J. Swoboda   Green Bay, WI

I have often wished for a radio station format like this....no one has ever had the guts to put on air before now...love the diversity... the Jazz is outstanding. Good job to all!

Rob Stauffer   Manitowoc, WI

This is the best station around. I listen to it at work, home and in the car. I've turned my husband and sister onto it also. I love the mix of music and stars.

Debbie West   Appleton, WI

I thoroughly enjoy your station and have recommended the station to my friends. It is just a delight to listen to your selection of music.

Judy Anderson   Appleton, WI

LOVE THE STATION and the new format!!!


Wow!, what a great line-up of tunes! I'm telling everyone I know about your station. Great selections and great job.....wishing you much success and will be a loyal listener!


I absolutely love the format. I discovered your station while waiting in the doctor's office in early April. I checked the dial setting of their radio and immediately tuned it in when I got back out to my car. Have it on in the car all the time. This area definitely needed a station that plays something other that Country or Oldies. It seems that so often I find a great station with smooth Jazz and then suddenly the format is changed to heavy metal or rock. I have also noticed that you have recently expanded your play list to new artists. Very nice.


Anyway, I just wanted to say that I heard "Spirit Voices" by Paul Simon last night on the radio and I was so pumped I drove around so I could hear the whole song. It was simply wonderful. What great diverse selections you guys are choosing from. Keep up the good work. I love the "album cuts" that didn't make the "pop" charts.


My daughter introduced me to your station today during a car trip and I love it. Thanks for making it possible to listen to the radio again. I've been using CD's and online radio programming for years to find this kind of mix. I'm SO thankful for your format. You've gained a faithful listener as this music is exactly what I want to hear! Kudos to you!.


I came across your station the other day. I have not listened to the radio for several years, because no station in the area plays what I want to listen to. But I was running an errand, and my ipod was in the house. I started scanning the frequency and much to my surprise I found MUSIC. On my way home from work today, I wanted to give you a standing ovation, but I was in the car at the time.


Being a young one I've never heard almost everything that the Avenue plays. When I first heard it, I asked myself quick what is this? Weeks, months and years later, I'm still listening, enjoying and discovering music from decades past. It'd be nice to get some more jazz and blues stuff on and look forward to continued listening.

Chris P.   Appleton, WI

You play a beautiful version of Over the Rainbow.

Carol   Appleton, WI

I just spent the last 3 days working in my basement and had your station on most of the time. It was treat to actually listen to the music. Your station is much more than just background music. Thanks

Jim Thaldorf   Appleton, WI

I am so happy that we now have such a wonderful jazz station for our area. I have the radio (or my computer) on to 91.1 all the time. It is the ONLY station I listen to at home or in the car. LOVE it!

Sandra L. Marcoe   Fond du Lac, WI

A great station.Variety of Light Rock,Jazz and R&B. Perfect relaxing station. Something different for a change. 91.1 the avenue.

Tony Mann   Oshkosh, WI

I used to be a radio station jumper, but now I have 91.1 on at work, in my car and at home on my computer. And now I'm a member...looking forward to hearing you on the air for years to come! Thanks for supporting our community, Avenue 91.1!

Michelle M. Schleis   Green Bay, WI

Just discovered you on the web. Any station that gives airtime to Leon Redbone gets my vote as the coolest on the planet.

Rodney Foltz   Springfield, MO

The music played on the avenue has been over looked and underplayed! I relish the ability to hear something besides the same old blah that is 105.7 93.5 ect. Your music is classy and contemporary. The Green Bay area has been craving a new age radio station for some time. THANK YOU!!!

Nathan Rudnick   Pulaski, WI

I discovered your station while spending time in Fond du Lac. Am now an internet listener in Chicago. You have a great mix of music with minimal talk. There is nothing like this in our area.

Gary Fisher   Chicago, IL

I just found this station on ITunes. Wow, it's great! When I heard the weather report about thunder showers, I thought I'd better see what state you are from. Wisconsin--I love the mid-west. The people are real and very friendly. I'm going to have to get better speakers for my computer so I can really turned it up! Thanks, Cindy--CA

Cindy   Santa Rosa, CA

This is my favorite station,I just wish you had a signal that reached out farther.

Sally Klein   Green Bay, WI

I had always imagined a radio station that would play music that I like (very different from the normal "top 40") that would also introduce listeners to good music they may not have otherwise heard. The Avenue is what I had imagined and more. The fact that it supports non-profits as well makes it even better. I can't imagine listening to any other station. Not only do I now listen to a fantastic radio station, but I also won a $100 gas card. THANK YOU 91.1!

Judy Ryan   Menasha, WI

I love listening to 91.1 Timeless Cool while working in my flower gardens, relaxing in the sun, or cooking a BBQ for family or friends. It all works for me!!!

Jacqueline Smith   Green Bay, WI

You know your variety is extra ordinary?!

Mark Randall Becker   Neenah, WI

I love the mix, and you are doing a great job of continuing to add new songs. Heard Emerson Lake and Palmer this morning. Certainly staying away from the list of some stations where you know what the next song will be.

Randy Bauer   Omro

Love your station!!! Would love to hear some John Prine! or Jesse Winchester

Craig R. Rusch   Appleton, WI

I listen to you guys while working at Manderfield's Bakery! You guys rock, & i love the music! Thanks!

Timi   Neenah, WI

Your station is a local breath of fresh air. I call it the "no bad news" station that I'm stickin' to while I go through breast cancer treatment!

Mary E. Murray   Appleton, WI

One of the only stations I will listen to when I am in the Fox Valley visiting friends and family. Northeast Wisconsin has needed something different on the radio dial for so long. I never in my life thought I would hear Teddy Pendergrass on a northeastern Wisconsin radio station! Keep up the great work and feel free to go a little heavier on the old-school R&B! :)

Adam Ade   Kenosha, WI

The Avenue 91.1.. ...the sound track for my life !

Loris Damerow   Appleton, WI

91.1 The Avenue is my kind of station. The music truely is timeless cool. I have a new favorite preset in my car now.

Bernie Hengels   Neenah, WI

While still in Wisconsin, I started listening to The Avenue during the first month or two it was on the air. The diverse and unique quality of the music and artists played--and the Internet--allows me to listen everywhere, even on the West Coast. Thank you!

Sabrina   Corte Madera, CA

Thanks for the cool vibes from the Avenue. I've been listening for several years and you get better with age.

Dona Eberhardt   Plover, WI

Its so great to have album side music again. A friend told me about your station and I haven't stopped listening since.

Mike Jansen   Kaukauna

Thank you so much for quality variety in music. I listen whenever I'm traveling and at home in the kitchen. I could not find a better way to give my young kids an education in music than being exposed to the great artists you play. As a very busy working mom, your station is my go-to place for a return to sanity. I cannot thank you enough!

Jennifer Borski   Van Dyne, WI

Love everything you do

Arnie Gibson   New London, WI

the avenue's like a box of chocolates,you never know what you're going to get:)

Erin Whitney   Green Bay

i enjoy your station a lot, listening on my laptop from l.a. . it's a great mix, modern, turns me on to 'newer' music that i wouldn't otherwise hear. on the other hand, it's not a jazz station; jazzy perhaps with van morrison, steely dan, dr. john. for real jazz, if that's what you like, don't miss kplu out of wahington state, or kjaz 88.1 out of l.a. . pure jazz. greetings from the land of sun and the pacific.

Daniel Colner   Los Angeles, CA

greetings from california! love to compare your weather with mine...regardless, you guys are HOT! great, eclectic mix. thanks!

Daniel   Los Angeles, CA

i am going from the west coast to nyc this summer and just DELIGHTED that the plane has wifi and i can listen to the ave. all the way. yum!

Daniel C.   Santa Monica, CA

You guys are THE BEST in radio! I'm proud to be a donor and will continue to be one as long as you guys are around. Two thumbs up. :- ) -Brian

Brian Justin   Forest, VA

Soon as I hit the rental car lot ATW or GRB, I hit 91.1 on the radio...sometimes its the best part of a biz trip....Thanks for the amazing music you guys play day in and day out. Carry it all the way back to DC on my iphone and mac...

Marc English   Bluemont, VA

The Avenue cuts through the noise for me. It's just good music and announcements that interest me.

Mike Muthig   Kimberly, WI

From the 1st day I have hardly even listened to the 9000 songs on my iPod. The Avenue is a hit on my list. I have turned on several friends in Beaufort Sc and you have a "cult" following here

Kevin Rice   St Helena, SC

well.... i've just started listening..... pretty swank selections.... makes me think radio might have a chance .... some of us remember the early days of fm when the freestyle format was how you heard new music... so play us some new music (without playing it to the point of annoyance) and go even deeper with the cuts...... we've been waiting.....we're ready and listening

Jonny Hakala   De Pere, WI

I believe if everyone listened to The Avenue there would be no more war. I brings such a feeling of peace to me. Thank you

Karleen Fischer   Oshkosh

I Love this station!

Denver   IT

Great variety of music, terrific employees, and fantastic support of the community!

Darlene Hengels   Neenah, WI

I have been listening to 91.1 since I had my baby girl in 2008, I had bought all of these baby cd's to play for her, and they have never been used. Since I found 91.1, I have been playing it every night for the children to fall asleep too. I love listening to it as I go from room to room and they are asleep. My daughter loves telling me what the weather man said and my baby son can fall asleep in the car with 91.1 in the background. My husband is a fan as well

Trudy Horvat   WI

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