You’ve arrived at a very important area of our website…the page that lets you know how you can support your independent, nonprofit, community radio station.

We have various ways to support The Avenue, choose one or do them all – but please give all that you can. Your gift is mostly tax-deductible or fully tax-deductible, depending on if you get gifts in return for your donation. We get no government funding of any kind, so it’s just you our listeners and our Business Sponsors that keep The Avenue alive and thriving!

☑️ Adopt-A-Watt

We are asking you to take ownership of your radio station, 91.1 The Avenue, through our Adopt-A-Watt campaign. You can join our Fan Club for $10 a month or more…you choose the monthly amount. You can also Adopt-a-watt by making a one-time donation right now of $100 per watt. Either way you give, send you a individualized, honorary watt-holder certificate. Get a watt for yourself and for all of the music lovers in your life. PLUS, right now, when you adopt an Avenue watt, either by becoming a sustaining member of our Fan Club, or through a one time donation, you can choose your own thank you gift. Click the link above to give online. Call 1-877-508-9191 to give by phone. Click here to download a mail-in Adopt-A-Watt card.

☑️ Simply Give

Perhaps you don’t want to Adopt-A-Watt  but you do want to support The Avenue – we love that too! If you receive nothing in return like tickets or thank-you gifts, then your gift is 100% tax-deductible. Click the link above to give online. Call 1-877-508-9191 to give by phone.

So, keep coming to our concerts and supporting us with your donations – we need you! Also, tell others about The Avenue. Listen to 91.1 FM, streaming at and download our Smartphone app. Friend us on Facebook. When we put a call out for something – let us hear from you! Thank you for supporting The Avenue so we can continue on in our mission: to increase the level of awareness and giving to nonprofits in Northeastern Wisconsin.

It’s a great day to support Independent, Nonprofit, Community, Radio!