Q. I just learned about the Community Impact Grant at 91.1 The Avenue. How do I apply?
A. Any 501(c)3 nonprofit is encouraged to apply for a Community Impact Grant at 91.1 The Avenue. To be considered for a grant, simply fill out our Community Impact Grant application and Community Impact Grant Agreement here.

Q. What is included in the Grant?
A. The Grant includes these elements;

  • A professionally produced announcement: The announcement may be for your upcoming event or a call for volunteers. Whatever the message, you’ll be involved every step of the way and have message approval. Promos are generally :60 long. They include a specially produced beginning and end which leaves about :45 seconds for your message.
  • Airtime on The Avenue, valued at approximately $4,200. Your message will run on The Avenue for two weeks, playing in every part of the day – morning noon and night – alternating with other messages from other Grant recipients. We’ll work with you to decide the specific dates which which are traditionally two weeks prior to your event/campaign.
  • Community Spotlight Feature: A shortened version of your message will be included in the Community Spotlight during the dates your message is on the air. The Community Spotlight is read live by our on air hosts during their shows.
  • Avenue Website Post: Your announcement will be posted to The Avenue’s website on the first day your announcement schedule runs on air.
  • Information in The AveBlast: The AveBlast is our weekly newsletter that gets sent to over 8,000 mailboxes every week. The information will include a link to your website.
  • Social Media: Your announcement will be posted to our 8,900+ Facebook fans and “tweeted” on Twitter during your on air schedule.

Q. Is everyone guaranteed a grant who applies? Are there any type of granting requests that you won’t approve?

A. We review every request made but there are requests that we must turn down. These include:

  • Advocacy or lobbying for special interests or political issues
  • Support for individuals
  • Commercial fund-raising organizations
  • Organizations outside of NE Wisconsin and our listening area
  • Organizations that represent a conflict of interest for The Avenue or pursue an agenda contrary to the interests of The Avenue
  • Unregistered charities that do not have a 501 (C) 3 status with the IRS

Q. I have a budget to spend on my event, so is it OK if I still apply for a grant?
A. Yes, you can still apply for a grant but we encourage you to purchase underwriting on The Avenue. We’ll match what you buy dollar for dollar so your buy will mean even greater exposure to our loyal, caring audience.

Q. I’m planning on using my limited budget to make a buy on area media, and save some dollars by just using grant dollars on The Avenue. Is that OK?
A. Sorry, no. As a nonprofit radio station, we rely on purchased sponsorship time to help us meet our operating expenses and needs. It’s our pleasure to make grants available to area nonprofits, but part of our agreement policy states that if you are making a buy on media, you must make an equal or greater buy on The Avenue in addition to receiving your grant time.

Q. Our nonprofit works with corporate sponsors.  Can our corporate sponsor place a buy on The Avenue on our behalf and are we still eligible for a grant?
A. Yes! And you can acknowledge your corporate sponsor at the end of the messages they purchase on your behalf. You will get even more frequency and greater exposure combining a buy and a grant.

Q. When are grant applications accepted?
Applications are accepted a minimum of four weeks prior to the desired start of the on-air schedule. This schedule is for a period of 14 days leading up to the event/campaign.

Q. I’ve never written an announcement; do I have to write it?
A. Part of your grant award includes a professionally produced announcement. We will walk you through the information we need and make sure you are happy with the spot we will run on your behalf. You’ll be happy with your professionally produced announcement.

Q. I know that part of the application includes reciprocal placement in my nonprofits announcements, website etc. Will you assist me in ideas of how we can get the news out about The Avenue?
A. Yes.  You will learn more about this in the application process and we are happy to help you find all the ways you can spread the word!

Q. I’ve heard there are other ways The Avenue can help my nonprofit. Can you tell me more?
A. There are several ways we can help. Take advantage of our Community Calendar. Submit information about your monthly meetings or volunteer training. We use information from the calendar in the Community Spotlight feature on air, in our weekly newsletter, The AveBlast, and in Facebook posts.

Q.  The title sponsor of my event has requested to be included in all marketing for the event. Can I include their name in the title of my event?
A. It’s important to point out to your title sponsor if asked that this is not a marketing campaign, it is a Community Impact Grant. It is The Avenue’s policy not to include Business Sponsors in our Community Impact Grant messaging for your event. However, your title sponsor is welcome to take out an additional Business Sponsorship and run spots for your nonprofit. We match every buy made for a nonprofit, so you can increase your awareness even more for your mission!

Q. I’m still confused about this process. Can I email or call someone?
A. You are welcome to contact Community Impact Grant Coordinator Roberta Chevalier at RobertaC@AvenueRadio.com or call 920-271-2700 ext. 307. She can answer any questions you have.