Amanda Sharon

Weekdays 10 AM to 3 PM, Sunday Sunrise 6 AM to Noon

I started working in radio when I was 19 years old at the station licensed to the university I was attending. I saw a brochure on campus that said “Call for Internships” so I did.  To my surprise they actually called me back!  I was lucky enough to get an interview and when I was asked what I knew how to do I answered    “Um nothing?….” Despite having no experience, I was allowed to start as a student assistant.  I spent many years in the basement of the fine arts building at the university (where the station was) and it was there I learned how amazing the world of radio is, and of course I was hooked.  After college I spent 10 years on the air in Milwaukee and a year in Colorado both at community stations.  My allegiance and loyalty to non-profit community radio runs deep.  I am so excited to be a part of the team at The Avenue and to be sharing music on the air again.

When I am not doing the radio thing, you’ll find me on my bike, in my running shoes, or spending time with my three kids and husband.  We love summers in Michigan’s UP and cheering on the Packers in winter.

Steve March-Tormé

Weekdays 3 PM to 7 PM

Steve March TormeI’ve been involved with music literally from day one, since I was born into a musical family. I started singing professionally (well, I did get paid $50.00 for the first gig!) when I was 12 years old.

It’s fun for me to be given a certain amount of leeway as a host in order to bring my own insight and experiences to the music we play. Quite a few of these artists are either people I’ve enjoyed for a long time or in a number of cases, musicians I’ve either worked with or crossed paths with in some way in my life. And if you’ve listened to my show, you know it’s not hard for me to act somewhat ridiculously from time to time on the air. Okay, more than just time to time. No sense in my doing this if I can’t have fun with it.

 When I’m not out on the road performing or at home writing, I spend my time either with my family and friends or on a tennis court or in a batting cage. Those are my refuges but being on stage performing is truly my life blood.

Hope you’re enjoying my contributions to The Avenue. I know I am.

Rob Moore

Weekdays 7 PM to Midnight


Rob Moore hosts our evening program, and programs The Avenue.  He has hosted evenings in various cities over the years, but he is most grateful for the friends he has found here among Avenue listeners, who share Rob’s passion for listening to music at night.

Rob can be reached at