SOS 300x250

As the album is removed from the sleeve and hits the turn table, you hear the crackle, hiss, and pop of the music. So real, authentic, and genuine…just like Soul of the Song with Cory Chisel.

Soul of the Song is a unique new radio hour every Saturday morning here on The Avenue. Unlike typical music fodder, host Cory Chisel approaches music and the people who make the music without a hurried flurry of questions, but as a willing and inquisitive guide, taking the listener along for the ride into a realm of understanding into all the parts that make up the song. From context, to story, to delving into the many dimensions and layers behind a lyric or melody, Soul of the Song goes deeper Рbeyond image, platitudes, and clich̩.

Whether playing a riff to a song on his guitar as the moment strikes, or laying down vinyl on the turn table to marvel with the listeners and a friend who stopped to chat, Cory fosters a new style of conversation and insight into music. Whether a local, regional, national, or international artist, all who stop by Soul of the Song will give the listener a perspective rarely shared with music lovers through conversation and song.