A Very Smart Opportunity is Knocking at Your Door.
It’s Called Business Sponsorship on The Avenue.

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You  may be more familiar with advertising on commercial radio stations. The Avenue is licensed as a nonprofit, noncommercial radio station on the radio dial. Business Sponsorship is to nonprofit radio what advertising is to a commercial station. You can purchase Business Sponsorship time for your business or service on 91.1 The Avenue.
The bottom line? This is a great opportunity to tell your story to a very loyal, educated, engaged and exclusive audience poised to listen to what you have to say. It’s also a great opportunity to align yourself with the mission of the Avenue: to be a voice and presence to the nonprofit community. With The Avenue you can build, reach and connect.

The Avenue Business Sponsorship Advantage:

-Build! Build front of mind awareness through cost-effective messaging in an uncluttered format.

-Reach!  Reach an audience that spends many hours listening to The Avenue in all aspects of their lives; at home, at work and in the car. Our audience are not “dial flippers.” They tend to find us, love what they hear, and keep their dial on 91.1. In fact, The Avenue was ranked #1 in Time Spent Listening, proof of our listener loyalty. (Source: Eastlan Ratings, Spring to Fall 2010, Appleton, WI)

-Connect! Our Business Sponsors tend to be people who also have a heart for the community we live in. Whether it’s an affinity for the arts, people and their challenges, pets or the planet…we have been told that they appreciate a way to tell their story while helping support The Avenue. Our Business Sponsors value the creative ways we provide opportunities to align with the nonprofits that they think are important.

Tell Your Story + Doing Good in the Community = Money Wisely Spent

Who is the Avenue Consumer?

Avenue Listeners are Educated.
57% College degree or more. 23% Technical Degree.
Avenue Listeners are Engaged in the Community.
92% are interested in air and water quality, education, quality of life, the environment and human rights.
Avenue Listeners are Hard to Reach With Other Media.
97% listen to the Avenue daily or several times a week. 80% of our listeners are 25-54.
Avenue Listeners Have a Greater Tendency to be Professional or Higher Level Decision Makers.
67% list occupations as CEO, CFO, COO, Management, Professionals or Technical. 40% influence purchasing decisions at their company.
Avenue Listeners Tend to Have a Taste for the Finer Things.
36% will purchase a vehicle in the next 12 months.
32% will purchase jewelry in the next 12 months.
52% will purchase audio/video equipment in the next 12 months.

Here’s a small sampling of what our listeners think about The Avenue:

Love the variety of new and old. –Aaron Haun

You do a great job of surprising me with what’s next! – John Miller

You’re the only one.- Michelle S.

Puts me in an awesome mood.  – Mellissa Greil

Very calming and yet entertaining for my mind as I drive.  – David Andre

Heart warming, to say the least! – David L.

The music is the perfect mix for the work environment.   Cheryl Macjcen

Thank you for the variety! – Brenda Johnson

I’m hooked.  Tasty stuff.  – Larry LaFontsee

What a great station.  I love the mix of music you play!   – Maria Barsema

It truly speaks to my soul. I love learning about new music on your station. – James Prewitt

Your station is on in my living room, bedroom, and car. Keep up the great job.  – Marguerite Greene

You give me more variety than any other station.  Richard Brockelsby

Excellent  playlist and format!  – Melissa Freeman

What an incredible breath of fresh air! – D J Tesch

Awesome mix! I hear something new every day! – Gary Cebulski

I am absolutely “stuck” on it. – Carolyn Servais

Looking to tell your story and meet your marketing objectives on a station with a fresh, relaxed, decidedly un-radio Timeless Cool music format…that also features a dedication to the needs of our community?
Talk to an Avenue Business Sponsorship Representative Today.

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